2019 Sustainability Report

Measuring what matters.

Sustainability metrics look perplexing, but the approach is common sense; measure what matters to improve ecological integrity, human well-being, and economic prosperity for present and future generations.

This is Epic's approach to doing just that.


Powered with purpose and grounded by good governance, we take a ‘Cents and Sensibility’ approach to managing our triple bottom line.

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Sustainability Scorecard

Defined by environmental stewardship, social well-being, and economic value creation, our sustainability programs add measurable long-term value to the properties we manage.

EHS Compliance

Instances of Non-Compliance


Energy Efficiency

Intensity of Energy Use

21.3 ekWh/sq.ft.

Water Efficency

Intensity of Water Usage

59.2 L/sq.ft.


Waste Diversion Rate


Green Certification

Portfolio Certified


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UN Sustainable Development Goals

5 Goals in progress

Our local actions have larger global impact. Aligning our goals with the UN SDGs enables us to contribute to the world’s action plan to address global environmental, social & economic challenges.

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Mobilizing real change requires true collaboration; active listening & productive dialogue are fundamental to meeting our stakeholders’ needs and achieving our collective sustainability goals.

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  • 7 Social Issues
  • 9 Environmental Issues
  • 8 Economic Issues

Explore how our internal & external stakeholders prioritize an array of key industry issues.

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Data Tracking

Our Epic Stream Sustainability Data Management System helps us seamlessly track data, quickly identify & solve issues, and train teams to optimize property performance.

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Core Sustainability Priorities

Setting our sustainable priorities is a balancing act. Guided by our stakeholder engagement process, we weigh our risks with our opportunities to strategically transform, innovate, and create value.

6 Priorities

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Sustainability Governance Structure

Accountability and oversight are essential to ensuring sustainability practices are properly managed across our company and all of our properties.

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21.3 ekWh/sq.ft. Status: Overall Reduction

We operate our properties at optimal efficiency so our clients can benefit from lower operating costs & reduced carbon emissions.

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59.2 L/sq.ft. Status: Overall Reduction

We practise responsible water management to reduce our environmental footprint and mitigate water’s rising costs.

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55.3% Status: Decreased Diversion

We help our tenants reduce waste by ensuring we have the right systems, signage, training and education in place.

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Calgary, Alberta Energy Case Study

Avoiding $170,000/year in Electricity Costs

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Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance

0 Instances of non-compliance
Status: No Change

We target zero EHS incidences which helps us to safeguard our tenants and employees’ lives & minimize the environmental impacts of our operations.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

7.4 kg CO2e/sq.ft. Status: Increased Emissions

We believe buildings can be a major contributor in reducing GHG emissions as we face the impacts of climate change.

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100% Portfolio Certified by 3rd Party
Status: Increased certification

We certify our buildings to provide value; certified buildings have lower operating costs, improved tenant satisfaction & superior indoor air quality.

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Our Employees

Diversity is oxygen to business innovation and resilience; Epic’s strength is a workforce who brings their varied backgrounds, unique perspectives, entrepreneurial spirit, and customer-focus to champion meaningful change and positive impact in all of the work we do.

Total Employees
by Gender


Total Employees
by Age


Executive Management
by Gender


Total Employees
by Tier

Junior Level
Senior Level
Executive Management
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Toronto, Ontario GHG Emissions Case Study

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 12%

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Health & Safety

0 Citations issued for non-compliance
Status: No Change

We aim to exceed regulatory standards in providing every employee with a safe and healthy workplace while preventing injury and occupational illness for all who visit our properties.

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100% Properties with Green Teams
Status: Increased Engagement

Over 10,000 tenants engaged through our sustainability programming.

We create engaging programming to familiarize our tenants with our sustainability priorities; it helps everyone become more sustainable at work and at home.

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Toronto, Ontario Waste Case Study

Reducing Office Waste by 264 lbs

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Air Quality: 100% Properties tested annually or more frequently
Status: No change

Tenant Satisfaction: 95% of tenants would recommend the building they work in.

We help our tenants to thrive in their spaces.

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Looking Ahead

Critical thinking is in our DNA. Never satisfied with the status quo, we question the current way of doing things and seek to continuously improve them.

5 Challenges

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Toronto, Ontario Tenant Engagement Case Study

Supporting Kids in Our Local Communities

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GRI Context Index

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Reporting Standards

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Epic at a Glance

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Boundaries of Report

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