2022 Sustainability Report

Measuring what matters.

Sustainability metrics look perplexing, but the approach is common sense; measure what matters to improve ecological integrity, human well-being, and economic prosperity for present and future generations.

A message from the CEOs

We continued to build on our core ESG foundation by formalizing our net zero carbon commitment and expanding our social and governance initiatives while continuing to deliver strong financial returns and profitability to our clients.

Jeffrey Kohn
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Craig Coleman
Co-Chief Executive Officer


Our sustainability programs add measurable long-term value to the properties we manage. Our sustainability scorecard offers a quick snapshot of the progress we’ve made towards our environmental, social, and economic goals.

  • Climate Change

    GHG Intensity

    CO2 e/sq.ft.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Intensity of Energy Use


  • Water Efficiency

    Intensity of Water Use


  • Waste

    Waste Capture Rate


  • Green Certification

    Portfolio Certification



We believe that an environmentally sustainable approach to operating our buildings is simply a smarter way to do business. It helps us to increase the value of our buildings, minimize operational costs and create an attractive environment for customers while reducing our carbon footprint.

Renfrew Centre’s leading environmental performance achieves LEED® Gold

With the launch of several new green initiatives, Renfrew Centre in Vancouver raised the bar on their already exceptional environmental performance to earn a coveted LEED Gold Certification.

CO2 e/sq.ft.

Climate Change

Reducing our GHG emissions to mitigate the impact of climate change.



Optimizing our energy efficiency to decrease operating costs and carbon emissions.



Practising responsible water management to reduce our environmental footprint and alleviate rising costs.

Waste Capture


Refining our approach to waste management to maximize our impact.

Portfolio Certified

Green Buildings

Certifying our best in class building performance to demonstrate measurable value.

Our Approach — Environmental

Epic manages risks and opportunities and generates long-term value for our clients, which informs our approach to managing environmental topics. We report on four material areas of environmental metrics: GHG emissions, energy, water and waste.

Social Well-being

People are the heartbeat of our business. We are focused on ensuring the health and well-being of our tenants and employees, building positive relationships with our communities, and creating a workplace that fosters diversity, equity and inclusion.

Rebuilding connection and community at 103 Street Centre

103 Street Centre’s asset management team reimagines their downtown Edmonton office building to attract a thriving new business community and help their tenants build meaningful connections.

Tenant Engagement

Cultivating a sense of community as we welcome tenants back to the workplace.

Tenant Well-being

Building spaces that encourage active lifestyles while focusing on the comfort and the health and well-being of our tenants.

Health & Safety Compliance

Ensuring that all stakeholders who visit our properties remain safe and work in a hazard-free environment.

Our Employees

Diversity is oxygen to business innovation and resilience.

Epic’s strength is a workforce who brings their varied backgrounds, unique perspectives, entrepreneurial spirit, and customer-focus to champion meaningful change and positive impact in all the work we do.


Accountability and oversight are essential to ensuring sustainability practices are embedded throughout our lines of business and properly managed across our company and all our properties.

Responsible Investing

Making money matter: we can generate positive change in the long term by operating and investing responsibly now.

Championing accessibility at 33 Bloor Street East

Underpinned by best practices in universal design, a bustling hub in the heart of Toronto transformed into a truly inclusive and welcoming space where everyone–regardless of their needs and abilities–feels safe, supported and valued.

UN Sustainability Development Goals

Our local actions have a larger global impact. Aligning our goals with the UN SDGs enables us to contribute to the world’s action plan to address global environmental, social & economic challenges.


Powered with purpose and grounded by good governance, we take a ‘Cents and Sensibility’ approach to managing our triple bottom line.

Core Sustainability Priorities

Identifying the opportunities and risks associated with our sustainability priorities.


Mobilizing real change requires true collaboration; active listening & productive dialogue are fundamental to meeting our stakeholders’ needs and achieving our collective sustainability goals.

Materiality Matrix

Our materiality assessment helps us to set priorities for our sustainability strategy.

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